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The Science behind Nutra

12 Points on Why Nutra Nutraceuticals are Better.

We create formulas that are effective. But, at the same time, we strive to produce solutions WITHOUT side effects.

1. What we do not use.

NO PARABENS: “Of greatest concern is that parabens are known to disrupt hormone function, an effect that is linked to increased risk of breast cancer and reproductive toxicity,” reports the non-profit Campaign for Safe Cosmetics (CSC):;

NO ANIMAL PRODUCTS: no torture or testing:

No Synthetic Chemicals: “Many are carcinogenic”

NO INEFFECTIVE CHEAP RAW MATERIALS: Cheap is not better and typically includes pesticides and other poisons

2. 40 years’ experience in a field just now getting popular. For the past 40 years, we have been researching natural wellness and have worked with over fifteen world-class mentors, including biochemists, naturopaths, dermatologists, doctors, and nutraceutical scientists.

3. Based on this experience, we have achieved major breakthroughs, including Organic Plant Acids (OPA), which are highly effective against bacterial, viral, and fungal infections. When used as a Gl Tract Cleanse, Nutra OPA is able to distinguish between good bacteria (flora) and bad bacteria due to their thin cell walls, thereby only removing what is necessary. It is also extremely effective in treating stomach flu, food poisoning, and yeast infections. Nutra OPA is used in all our skincare and creams to make them more potent as they lessen the bacteria in the fine lines so that the appearance of wrinkles can be reduced faster. They keep the products fresh and well-preserved. The added benefit, especially in skin care, is that it eliminates bacteria from the face, resulting in clear, blemish-free skin.

4. We combine science and ancient wisdom. Drawing from Ayurveda, a 5,000-year-old herbal science, we have rediscovered the incredible benefits of plant minerals and fulvic acid. Nutra Health blends both ancient and modern formulating techniques in all our products.

5. Our products are evidence-based, using both the new and the old to achieve highly effective results. In many cases, the wisdom of nature is its own evidence. However, we have found that the past 50 years have resulted in some modern breakthroughs that should not be ignored. For example, retinol works on the skin at certain high potencies. Plant sulfur (MSM) helps the skin to absorb retinol, working along with the many other natural yet potent, high-quality ingredients that we use. We have mastered using and blending these natural ingredients to yield highly effective results.

6. We only use the best raw materials. We know our customers are label readers; you should be, too. Today, there are a lot of cheap raw materials that do not work very well. We only use the best so that our products are at their most effective. We worked with leaders in various fields to locate the most effective ingredients. For example, our work with Sylla Sheppard Hanger and Martin Watt allowed us to source the therapeutic-grade essential oils used in our products. Dr. Martin Braun, a leading Dermatologist, worked with us to develop our Estriol products.

Reduction of C.albicans CFUs
Reduction of A.niger CFUs

What is MSM?

7. 450 years of experience go into each product. Nutra Health has over 15 main wellness mentors in all areas of our formulations, with each mentor having over 30 years of experience. That makes over 450 years of knowledge. For example, in Ayurveda, we spent time with Dr. Trivedi and Dr. Svoboda studying and gaining insights on rejuvenating the body and acquiring the best ancient ingredients.

8. Fast absorption for quick results. Our products absorb well, which is particularly important for skin care. Some of this is due to our lowest mole weight MSM as a carrier for our other low mole weight (LMW) ingredients. High potency, ancient wisdom, and all-natural equals the best possible results.

9. All of this boils down to a 5-step anti-aging system:

  1. Detox for maximum nutrient absorption
  2. Look your best with high potency, fast absorption nutraceuticals
  3. Reduce unwanted pain and problem skin issues with safe, natural products
  4. Help reduce aging with the right hormonal products
  5. Revitalize the whole system with plant minerals and reduce unwanted heavy metals with fulvic acid.

We always ask prospective customers this question and ask this of you, too: Read the ingredients of any “healthy” product you are using, especially a cream. Then read ours and ask yourself… Which one would I rather put on or in my body?

10. Three Tough Questions:

  1. Can you get an effective product with twelve natural ingredients or less?
  2. One that will outperform any product in its category and without any preservatives?
  3. One that will maintain its shelf life and be effective for over 2 years?

11. OPAs Make our good products better. Our products have been uniquely developed and formulated utilizing our proprietary method of target-extracting specific Organic Plant Acids (OPAs). OPAs, the most powerful active ingredients, and our unique and elaborate method of molecular blending, is key. Trusted, established ingredient sources and techniques developed and perfected over the past 40 years yield outstanding and effective results.

12. Purity. Our formulations result in the creation of the purest, most powerful, and totally natural ingredients containing absolutely no parabens, animal products, or synthetic compounds. All natural products are only released following extensive trials and progressive enhancement, resulting in demonstrably unique and effective products which can easily be differentiated from other products.

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