Anti-Fungal MSM Cream with Organic Black Cumin

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Natural relief from brittle discolored nails, improved skin, and a near before fungus look and feel.

Apply our Nutra Health Anti-Fungal Topical MSM Cream to the affected area and surrounding area. Allow 3-5 days to see a change. Application for one month should resolve any fungal issue. If symptoms continue, see a doctor.


Active Ingredients: Therapeutic-grade Lavender Oil, virgin organic black cumin seed oil, Organic Trace Minerals (from plants) OptiMSM®. Ingredients: Purified water,  Sunflower Oil, plant trace minerals, Chamomile Extract, vitamins A, D, and E, NutraOPA™ (organic plant acids), lavender and cedar essential oils.


Directions: Wash affected areas with Nutra Facial Foaming Cleanser. Wipe dry. Apply Vegan Anti-Fungal Topical MSM Cream 2-3 times daily or as needed until areas are clear of fungus and fungus damage. Allow 2-3 weeks.

1 review for Anti-Fungal MSM Cream with Organic Black Cumin

  1. Gloria S.

    Quick and impressive!

    Only thing I got from my ex was toe fungus and after trying everything to include cutting my nails back to the quick, I though I would give this a shot. It worked, my nails are the best that they have been for the last three years and quickly getting back to normal. Although I think it believe it will work and I may not have to apply it again, for safety measures I will keep this on hand. I have not found anything that works a good as this product does. Who would have thought an all natural, pure, plant based, smells great, never treated on animals…..most importantly environmentally safe and no harsh chemicals or terrible discoloring that comes with other products would have worked so well. I just love it.

    Gloria S

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