Woman applies cream to her face
aromatherapy formula
Face, Skin, and Joint Cream for Skin Repair

Daily skin nourishment and repair for a harsh world

Why Nutra
Combining modern science and ancient wisdom
Ancient Medicine

40 years of perfecting 5,000-year-old wellness secrets

First Responders
serving those who serve society
Discounts for First Responders, Active and Retired Veterans and Teachers

Vegan pain relief and natural skin repair

Therapy Treatment
therapeutic relief for damage from medical trauma
Therapy Skin Treatment

Dermatologist-recommended, vegan pain management, skin repair, and moisturizer for whole body healing

Beauty Regimen
maintain your natural beauty
Daily Beauty Regimen

A complete series of plant based beauty and anti-aging products for a healthier and more youthful look!

Problem Skin
natural treatment for common skin ailments
Problem Skin Relief

Relief for dermatitis, psoriasis, shingles, herpes, and damaged skin without toxins or side effects

Our Products

With 20+ years in the nutraceutical field and years of experience in formulating the most effective and safe topicals for general health, beauty, pain, skin damage, skin issues, and wound care we provide solutions for the whole family – including your pets.

Clean, Healthy, Earth-friendly
Beauty and Skin Care Products You Can Trust

The only vegan topical with MSM and proprietary OPAs

No Soy


No Phthalates


Recyclable Containers


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Custom Blends

for all of our Products
Are you in need of a custom blend for your health or beauty needs? Look no further, contact us with your requirements and goals. Remember that we only formulate non-toxic products—so don’t ask us to make anything harmful. We work with individuals and companies.