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Facial Cleansing Foamer

(9 customer reviews)

Dermatologist recommended (without the harsh chemicals in most foamers).

Nutra Facial Cleansing Foamer removes daily dirt, oil, and bacteria while nourishing your skin with essential nutrients. Excellent for acne and skin tone balance.

If you wear water resistant makeup, you will love the experience of removing lipstick, eye liner, or mascara without rubbing or chemicals!



Mild foaming goodness gently moisturizes and hydrates with healthy oils and vitamins that keep skin lubricated and supple. Nutra Facial Foamer effectively washes away dirt, pollution, and makeup. Safe for sensitive skin types. Leaves your face feeling fully refreshed and clean. Our Foamer helps prevent breakouts, blackheads, and discoloration, without your skin feeling stripped or tight.

Purified water, calendula and lavender-infused water, stearic acid, Sunflower Oil, glycerin, D-alpha tocopherol, pro-vitamin B5 complex, proprietary blend of essential oils and organic plant elements.


Purified water, calendula and lavender-infused water, stearic acid, Sunflower Oil, glycerin, D-alpha tocopherol, pro-vitamin B5 complex, proprietary blend of essential oils and organic plant elements.

How to Use?

Apply to face using hands or a soft cloth. Rinse and repeat as needed.

What is MSM?

Customer Feedback

  1. Janet Z. (verified owner)

    Clean fresh feeling, just started using this product, but so far I love it. Smells nice and my face feels clean smooth and fresh.

  2. Beth (verified owner)

    I love love love this product. I’ve only been using it for a week but you can feel the difference, my skin feels soft, clean and hydrated. It’s an awesome product, my acne was mild but it is no barely noticeble a few more days and I feel confident it will no longer be visible. I will continue to enjoy this product.


    Beth Reigns

  3. June M (verified owner)

    This Facial Cleansing Foam is very soft and smooth. It has an amazing creamy, velvety feel. The texture and light scent is lovely. It’s not dry out your skin. You don’t really need much, just a small amount is enough for your face.

  4. Sasha (verified owner)

    The Foam Cleanser works wonders. No doubt the formula is essential and gives you best after wash feel, skin is hydrated, clean fresh and smooth. The amount used is little as it foams enough to wash the whole face and has subtle delightful fragrance. I totally recommend this.

  5. Omar S (verified owner)

    This foam cleanser is great and definitely worth the money. Not too pricey and I love the after wash skin feel. Its clean, feels moisturized and fresh. It’s gentle and effective and I appreciate the natural ingredients. Definitely recommended.

  6. Carrie L. (verified owner)

    Wonderful and effective, I simply love this face wash. Not only is Nutra Facial Cleansing Foam gentle on my face but it does not dry my skin out and provides a perfect balance to keep my skin healthy, soft and smooth and Nutra Facial Foaming Cleanser has a wonderful fresh fragrance. I highly recommend this product for anyone who is looking for an all natural cleaner NOT TESTED ON ANIMALS! I will most certainly continue to use this product. Thank you Nutra!!!!

  7. Sharon G. (verified owner)

    All my life I have used a multitude of store brands searching for a product that makes me feel clean and actually works. I have been using this for approximately 1 year now and I can, with the greatest assurance, say that Nutra’s Facial Foam Cleanser is the best I’ve used. I recommend Nutra Facial Cleansing Foam for a multitude of reasons; Pumps out an adequate amount each time so I’m not getting excessive amounts (this reduces waste), there is NO ALCOHOL allowing for a thicker product that doesn’t immediately evaporate and covers a greater surface area. The scent is wonderfully pleasing and subtle compared to store brands.

    After a very long and lengthy search I have finally found the product that actually stands up to the test of time and does what it claims. And being an all natural plant based product is a huge bonus. This is my go too! Nutra, please don’t change a thing. Also, my I suggest that you make samples of your other products so customers like me can experience more of what you offer! Love what you do!

  8. Patricia B. (verified owner)

    I struggled with bad acne when I was younger. As I have gotten older, aged to 32 I have used a lot of products in an attempt to control breakouts and blackheads, however I still have scars and dark spots from previous breakouts. I have been used witch hazel as well as other things for years and nothing quite clears up my skin to an even skin tone. I started using this product about 3 weeks ago and OMG, I am in love. I bought 2 more to assure I always have some in available. I love how this product has helped my skin with hyperpigmentation (dark chocolate). It smoothed out my skin tone to one even color and the dark spots are quickly going away. The product is not thick at all and you really only need one pump for your entire face which I like because it lasts a lot longer. They also have body wash & skin moisturizer as well and because of the great results I received with this face wash, I am tempted to try the other products with this line. All in all, this is a solid purchase. You won’t be disappointed.

  9. Debbie V

    “Love the cleansing foamer!! It took my mascara off without rubbing and my skin felt clean and soft!”

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