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Peripheral Neuropathy MSM Cream

(10 customer reviews)

MSM is an analgesic, anti-inflammatory, and blood vessel dilator. In osteoarthritis (OA), MSM works by reducing inflammation and blocking the pain response in nerve fibers. However, like any other nutraceutical, MSM does not cure OA. For ongoing use, Peripheral Neuropathy MSM Cream works best in conjunction with MSM Powder, either in capsule form or added to a wet compress, along with this cream.



Our Peripheral Neuropathy MSM+Terpenes+Alpha Bisabolol+Beta Caryophyllen is the most effective and fast acting Vegan topical on the market. The combination 99.9% pure MSM (a powerful anti-inflammatory) along with our proprietary Alpha Bisabolol (beneficial to soothing irritated skin) and our Beta Caryophyllen (interacts with cannabinoid receptors (CB2 receptors) on the skin, which have been known to decrease pain and increased cell proliferation and cell migration) provide unprecedented relief from the pain, numbness and tingling from Peripheral Neuropathy.

Purified water, OptiMSM®, Sunflower Oil, plant trace minerals, Chamomile Extract, alpha bisabolol, beta-Caryophyllene, vitamins A, D, and E, NutraOPA™ (organic plant acids), lavender and cedar essential oils

Active Ingredients

Opti-MSM®, Therapeutic-grade Lavender Oil, trace minerals (from plants)


Purified water, OptiMSM®, Sunflower Oil, plant trace minerals, Chamomile Extract, alpha bisabolol, beta-Caryophyllene, vitamins A, D, and E, NutraOPA™ (organic plant acids), lavender and cedar essential oils

How to Use?

Apply to affected area and surrounding skin. Allow to absorb and apply 2 more times. Enjoy the sensation!

Before/After Images

Leg wound before treatment with Peripheral Neuropathy MSM Cream

Before Treatment

Leg wound after treatment with Peripheral Neuropathy MSM Cream

After treatment

Effects of application over three days, with marked improvement to wound.

What is MSM?

Customer Feedback

  1. CJR (verified owner)

    It actually works! Nutra’s Peripheral Neuropathy MSM Cream Good Stuff!!!

    Overall very impressive in comparison, this product is fast acting and on spot. It has a calming sensation and stops the tingling burning pain immediately upon application. Lasts considerably longer than the other neuro creams I have used! It has a nice soft, smooth application that smells wonderful. All natural plant based ingredients. NEVER TESTED ON ANIMALS. This is a must if you need something on the spot and long term.

    Thank you!!


  2. Hamdia S (verified owner)

    Long Lasting Soothing Feel

    This clean fresh Nutra Neuro cream works wonders. I smoothed it on my hand where I was having nerve pain, tingling burning sensations, and you could almost immediately experience relief from the pain. So much that I completely forget about it. The cream itself is an emollient and keeps my skin moisturized the whole day. It smells absolutely lovely, fresh, clean and it is all natural and pure. A product I, most certainly, will continue to use as part of my daily routine!

  3. Sheila W. (verified owner)

    I have bone spurs, this helps!

    After being on my feet all day at work, at home after I sit, I feel it’s hard for me to get back up because of the tingling aching sensation in my feet and legs. I use this and it makes a huge difference, suppressing the discomfort I have from being on my feet all day long, I can easily get up and do things I would not normally be able to do. It has just the right effect, allowing me to walk with comfort. I also apply it to my legs before bed and I don’t jerk my feet as much as if I don’t use it. (RLS – Restless Leg Syndrome). Sucks getting old, but at least there are natural vegan products out there that actually make life a little better. Thank you Nutra Health for giving me better quality days and nights.

  4. Samantha C. (verified owner)

    Love being pain free!

    I have suffered from nerve pain (Advanced Neuropathy) for 20 years and when I forget to take my med sometimes my feet hurt so bad massaging and elevating them does not work. I used the cream and within 10 min I was oblivious to the pain, a huge difference. This product has a pleasant wonderful aroma and it was comfortable, smooth and dry upon rubbing it in. My hands are in good shape, but when I rubbed the left overs into my hand I could feel a difference, more flexible, smoother and younger in appearance as well as very soft. Important to note: I am highly sensitive to medications, bathing products, lotions, etc… So, when Nutra Health produced this plant based, Vegan, pure emollient never tested on animals, I wanted to give it a try. I recommended this to anyone with nerve pain of any type.

  5. June W. (verified owner)

    A Blessing for Those In Pain!!

    I love Nutra’s Peripheral Neuropathy MSM Cream!! I also appreciate being able to find this product online now, when the regular stores are out of stock!

    I suffer from osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis and old injuries!! I am blessed that this cream is available when I am hurting!!

  6. Audrey T. (verified owner)

    Better than any other pain relief creams and has a wonder fragrance to boot!

    I’ve used Icy Hot and Ben-Gay all my life for pain relief. Then my neighbor suggested this cream for a sore muscles. Desperate for relief (pulled hammy) I gave it a shot and WOW. No bad smells (pleasantly fragrant), no greasiness, and near instant relief for a several hours. I tried Lidocaine patches, everything, and this worked best!

    Not forever relief but it does wind the pain back a lot, and helps you skip the ibuprofen.

  7. Wilfred C. (verified owner)

    Really does help!

    I have Tingling burning pain in both of my feet. In addition to over the counter and prescription pills, I have tried many creams and ointments, most with little to no relief. This one does make a difference. It doesn’t always take away the painful tingling completely, but it does lessen the pain and discomfort significantly. Try it I’m confident you will be pleased!

    Wilfred C.

  8. Gwen H. (verified owner)

    Our new go to!

    This was just what my husband and I needed for our neuropathy. Before using this wonderful cream, his feet and my legs were in agony. Both suffering from burning, stinging, and occasionally sharp shooting pain. Sometimes suffering day and night especially my husband. Our doctor told him to use Capsaicin. He did and his feet were on fire! After researching and reviewing this product, I though why not we have tried everything else under the sun. From the first application we both experienced easing of the tingling and burning stabbing sensations and felt better. Now we can walk and wear shoes without hurting and so much more. We are both thrilled we found Nutra’s Peripheral Neuropathy MSM Cream. The only downside is we have to apply it 2 to 3 times a day to each area. It would be great if it came in larger containers. The relief is worth it.

  9. Janet & Dave Z. (verified owner)

    It Simply Works!

    I’ve bought this product many times now and it simply put WORKS. As soon as I put it on the pain subsides. This stuff really does what it’s says, I’d recommend it to anyone.

  10. Teresa C. (verified owner)

    Love this product for neuropathy pain in my feet.

    I really like this product for neuropathy pain in my feet (tingling and burning sometimes stabbing sensations). Nutra Peripheral Neuropathy MSM Cream decreases the inflammation and completely eliminates the pain associated with my neuropathy and it is better than taking medication (over the counter and prescription). I also use it on my hands to help with arthritis. It soothes the pain (I also use Turmeric capsules, which gives me incredible relief taken every day.) I can tell when I do not use the cream because I am in pain. This truly works. The smell is great, soft clean subtitle scent NO strong odors. Yes, I will order this again as a regular product for pain.

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