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Problem Skin MSM Cream

(9 customer reviews)

A vegan, non-toxic solution with no side effects for the irritation from many skin problems including shingles, psoriasis, and herpes.



Designed to treat difficult skin condition outbreaks such as psoriasis, eczema, rosacea, shingles, dermatitis, and herpes. It contains high-potency NutraOPA™, Canadian willow complex, and OptiMSM®. Has also been known to relieve shingles with many of our customers.

Purified water, OptiMSM®, Sunflower Oil, plant trace minerals, Canadian willowherb, Chamomile Extract, vitamins A, D & E, Nutra OPA (organic plant acids), essential oils.

Active Ingredients

Therapeutic-grade Lavender Oil, herbal extracts of willow and chamomile, plant trace minerals, OptiMSM®


Purified water, OptiMSM®, Sunflower Oil, plant trace minerals, Canadian willowherb, Chamomile Extract, vitamins A, D & E, Nutra OPA (organic plant acids), essential oils.

How to Use?

Wash affected areas with Nutra Facial Foaming Cleanser. Wipe dry. Apply Vegan Problem Skin MSM Cream 2-3 times daily or as needed until areas are clear of blemishes, blisters, rash, scales, or redness.

What is MSM?

Customer Feedback

  1. Amber (verified owner)

    I heard of you through my step-mom. She got your Nutra Face, Skin, and Joint cream for her eczema and LOVED it. My 4 year old has super-infected eczema and this past week he was in the PICU with MRSA. Upon discharge he broke out with his eczema again full body and scratching like crazy. Nothing was helping, no Benadryl, no cortisone, nothing. He is on a nightly routine of shower, coat him in Aquaphor, followed by him sleeping in a pair of wet pj’s followed by dry pj’s in the morning he gets a coating of Cetaphil cream prior to getting dressed. With all this his skin is still desert dry. He still scratches like crazy no matter what I try to do, and we are under the care of a dermatologist, pediatrician, and an infectious disease doctor right now. Well, my step-mom had recommended the nurta product so I went to Ada’s (Whole Foods Market, Ft Myers, FL) and got the 2oz jar. No offense, but I had my doubts and wasn’t about to get a lot if it didn’t work. The first time he started scratching, I put the Nutra cream on his itchy places, he stopped scratching right away. He said it stopped the itch and he didn’t need to scratch anymore. This is a child that has not been able to stop scratching for 15 months. This is a child who has scratched himself to the point of bleeding in several places on his hands, back, tummy, feet, ankles and legs, even his face. This is the ONLY thing that has helped him. I bought this product on Sunday and already love it this much(Wednesday), I want to be able to offer this product to all my friends.

    Thank You SO much!!

  2. Angie J. (verified owner)


    I can not express my pleasure on how this cream has helped me to vanish my acne scars. I love this product so much and I will continue buying it!

    Thank you, I’m forever in your debt!

  3. Sallie E. (verified owner)


    Having used and enjoyed Nutra’s other products this is my first time trying the Problem Skin MSM cream and it’s wonderful. It leaves my skin so soft. This will be great for winter, but I assure you, I’ll be using it all year round. Thank you for such a great product!

  4. Richard O. (verified owner)

    Brilliant Product!!!

    As long as I can remember I have suffered from perioral dermatitis and tried everything to fix it from antibiotics to prescription creams, but it always flared up again. I took the leap and finally tried Nutra’s Problem Skin MSM Cream and it has kept my perioral dermatitis from coming back. I can’t live without it right now!

  5. Billie S. (verified owner)

    Love this cream!

    This cream has helped me through the winter. It never causes clogged pores or breakouts but actually helps prevent them. I love the fresh clean fragrance and the way it makes my skin feel so soft. I highly recommend this for problem skin. I especially love that it is plant based, pure and clean and even more so that it has never used defenseless animals testing! Thank you Nutra Health!

  6. Julie W. (verified owner)

    Mom and I both love it!

    Bought this miracle cream several months ago and I am loving it. My mom has also started using it and her skin is looking lovely. I love it best when applying the lovely lavender scented cream before bed which I have found somehow assists me in sleeping better!!

  7. Mariana P. (verified owner)

    I am so impressed with Nutra’s Problem Skin MSM cream. A fast, effective way to solve just about any skin problem. Finally a product that actually works at an affordable price. Made from pure plant based products, smells wonderful fresh and clean. Safe for even my 6 week old baby’s delicate skin. Thank you Nutra Health for a miracle cream!

  8. John R. (verified owner)

    This is your last stop!

    As long as I can remember have always suffered from itchy dry skin (eczema) and have used an abundance of creams, lotions and potions, this is by far the best cream I’ve tried! Immediately soothes the skin and after 2 weeks it is barely visible. I highly recommend this product.

  9. Alejandro D. (verified owner)

    This MSM cream works so well on anything eczema to rashes and more. I absolutely love this Problem Skin MSM Cream. I use it as a moisturizer. I can describe this cream in so many ways but that will be to long as it’s just Amazing. I have started using this cream on my face because of irritation that came with wearing masks and this cream helps for that. I had a rash on my hip and thigh used this cream it has cleared it up where others couldn’t. You’re going to love it!

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