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Vegan Body Lotion

A Vegan MSM sanitizer that is perfect for face mask irritation and dry skin. Fast absorption and non-staining body lotion that is priced to be used every day.




An affordable natural and vegan alternative to chemical-based body lotions. A sanitizer, anti-bacterial, vegan, MSM, and OPA-based body lotion that moisturizes and heals.


Purified water, OptiMSM®, Sunflower Oil, plant trace minerals, Chamomile Extract, vitamins A, D, and E, NutraOPA™ (organic plant acids), lavender, and cedar essential oils.


Apply Body MSM Lotion to rebuild damaged skin, moisturize, resolve face mask irritation. For deep tissue and joint discomfort, apply 3-4 layers directly upon each other and rub in thoroughly covering a large area. Repeat as needed.


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